When it comes to Clinical Documentation Improvement, pediatrics has been placed on the back burner. It is an entirely different language for most adult clinical documentation improvement professionals and can be quite intimidating.  This is especially true for the neonate population which is one of our specific specialties. Because it has been neglected, pediatrics has truly become an untapped area of opportunity for many facilities.

KNG Pediatric solutions aims to help facilities tap into that opportunity.  We provide a full range of services in partnership with our clients to assist them in making sure the diagnoses are properly documented for accuracy of the medical record and accuracy of reimbursement.  When reimbursement is correctly aligned with documentation, there are less denials from payers on the back end.  

With each project, we take sample medical records (PHI removed) and find the missed documentation improvement opportunities within them.  We compare the original reported diagnoses with our recommendations, side by side. We then present the findings and incorporate them into educational material for the physicians and/or Clinical Documentation Team.  This approach can be individually tailored to meet each customer’s needs.